Welcome to NRT Garden Products, Inc

We established NRT Garden Products Incorporated in 1994 as an International Ornamental Plants Trade consulting company.

We were the managing partner of Western United States Agricultural Trade Association for 13 years. We are also the contractor of United States of America Embassy in Japan, Washington States Department of Agriculture, Hawaii States of Department Agriculture and Oregon States Department of agriculture.

In 2004, we contracted with Chiba Prefectural Government as a consultant of International Ornamental Plants Trading. Then, we started export business for China and EU area. In China, Podocarpus is very popular as a "Lucky Fortune Tree". Ilex crenata and Pinus parviflora are also very popular in EU market. We are exporting around 250 containers trees yearly to these market.

We established the Plant Patent Network. The Plant Patent Network manages International Trade of Plant Patent Right, especially between Japan and USA. We are introducing Japanese Breeders Right tree and shrub to USA market. We are also introducing US Plant Patent tree and shrub to Japanese market.

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